28th October 2021

Time certainly flies and no matter how often I tell myself I am going to update my blog with some new thoughts I just never get round to it!

Well, I am trying that now. As I sit here, looking out of the window of the local cancer charity centre, that I offer counselling sessions, I am struck by the autumnal appearance of the trees, with their dying leaves and how the wind seems to tug at them to come and play as they pull them from the branches.

We are heading towards winter and the clocks go back at the weekend. How can another year be racing to an end? I could write more here about Covid and its restrictions but I am holding that in the background today. I want to focus on the seasons and these changes.

Changes that come with a sadness that the warmth and light of summer are fading fast but also an anticipation that the winter is approaching where we let the lights and heat of the festive season fill us so that the emergence from winter into spring next March is part of the cycle of life and death of nature. From these thoughts came the poem below.


Trees wear their fading foliage to the dance.
They look magnificent and take this chance
to show off their final fine leaves,
as life slows and gently breathes
into the long sleep that is to come.
Winter will soon be here to hum
the chill it carries, sending nature to sleep.
A cycle, a song and a dance to keep
the wheel of time turning
and our souls yearning
for the return of spring.

Jacqui Empson-High - October 2021

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