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About Counselling

Going to see a counsellor provides you with a safe, confidential space and time dedicated to you and whatever you wish to talk, or write about.

A counsellor is a person who really listens to what you have to say, will follow where you go and tries to understand how you feel or act the way you do. They help you to find your own way and discover your own inner strength that can help you in the future.This person is someone who will not judge or criticise you.

Sometimes you don't feel able to talk to friends and family if the problem concerns them. At other times you don't want to worry them. This is when a counsellor can help you, they are not connected to anyone in your family, they are independent and impartial.

By exploring things together you will be able to find your own way forward. You will develop a greater understanding of your feelings and emotions, find ways to change them if you wish or accept them and feel able to face life again.


  • You may feel more able to cope with life and others around you
  • You may have found new ways of responding to situations
  • Relationships can improve
  • Other people may notice you are more confident or changed
  • You can feel more at peace with yourself
  • You may have found new ways of dealing with problems in the future
  • You can use sessions as 'rehearsals' for what you want to say to others and find ways that feel the best fit for you

    "...The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." - T S Eliot

    How I work

    My approach is Person-Centred. This way of counselling, developed by Carl Rogers, believes that each person has the resources, the strength and knowledge they need to resolve the problem, to develop and move forward with their lives inside themselves.

    With a counsellor offering the '3 core conditions' of empathy or understanding, congruence or being who they really are at any moment and unconditional positive regard or respect and acceptance, the client will be able to discover their own internal strength. If there are holistic ways of managing symptoms that trouble you then I can offer easy, practical exercises you can use for yourself, e.g. breathing deeply or grounding yourself in your surroundings.

    It is not simply a way of working for the Person-Centred counsellor, it is a personal way of life and belief.

    I believe that each person has the innate human ability to heal themselves, within themselves and by offering a supportive, therapeutic relationship in counselling this healing can occur.

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