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24th January 2018

Avoiding the 'glad tidings' of Christmas and New Year I decided, quite suddenly for me, to try and spend some time focusing on my own writing, my own poetry in fact. With this I have committed and paid for a 6 week afternoon course run by a poet and film buff Sue Burge. The course is entitled 'Inspired by Film' and uses film clips from different types of films each week to give us food for thought, inspiration and a place to share our different tastes in films.

My first afternoon was last Monday, 22nd January 2018 and I have to say it wasn't an easy session and the words certainly did not flow from my mind or my pen onto the rather bare paper in front of me. I have 'homework' to complete before next Monday, which I am not convinced I will achieve! We have to write a couple of poems to take in and Sue has offered to critique them. I am unsure of my own comfort having my work judged and suggestions made for improvement. That same discomfort has always filled me when I have born witness to others words. Perhaps that explains my love of writing for wellbeing where there is no judgement. It is what the words mean to the writer and how it makes them feel not looking to correct the words to make something better.

Sometimes in writing for wellbeing refashioning a poem can be part of the healing process or learning to be gained from it but that is always from the individual writers soul, not judgement from another. Still, I have committed to working on my own work so I guess I am opening up to that process of what others may think. Perhaps that may act as a type of censure, so that I do not put or open too much of my deeper self in a place I am unsure of or what the reaction might be. That feels an ok place to be and be careful with and be caring of myself.

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